Monday, 5 December 2011

19 Sleeps until Xmas

Back again after soon time.  19 sleeps until Xmas can you believe.  Sales are doing well.  First Xmas selling vintage items on ebay and just loving it.  Though I have been working hard in my day to day job so its been getting items posting and listed.  My PC also runs so slowly.  Having wireless and when it rains, the connection is not so good.  I have also noticed that vintage is definately making a come back and I am just loving it.  New stores and shops seem to be opening up (springing up) all over the place.  Items sold are like little timepieces framed from that era.  Our family is also getting ready for Xmas.  I have also found some little gems that I will be wearing on the day.  Will need to post pics of these.  Just love the 50's and 60's.   Will be back shortly to post more gems.  Also got to get the vegetable garden up and running.  My son has a pet worm farm and it just make awesome fertilizer.

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